April 5th, 2016
Brand Study

About AlphaWolfSquadron

This project was created for my 4th year capstone project group, in order to add flair to our presentation on our project, known then as Teejay. A friend of mine came up with the name AlphaWolfSquadron years ago for a GitHub Organization that had just the two of us at first, and when we needed to get a group together for our final project it seemed to fit the bill, so we just sorta ran with it. We had wanted to convey a team spirit, as well as the playful cockiness we wanted to show.


It’s obvious isn’t it? AlphaWolfSquadron needs a wolf motif, one that catches the eye and gives off a ‘cool’ vibe. So I went with a flat, vectorized wolf head that uses strong lines, and negative space to show detail in the face.

AlphaWolfSquadron Icon - Black


In keeping with the ‘cool’ theme, and inspired by the grey wolf, I went with a low-key, steely blue in addition to a cool off-black called Charleston Green. (I love that name) You can find the color scheme on under AlphaWolfSquadron.

AlphaWolfSquadron Color Palette

Using these colors, the final logo is a two-tone split down the middle, with the black on the left and the blue on the right:

AlphaWolfSquadron Icon - Color


I’ve been seeing a lot of Raleway used as a display font online, and I really like its neat-and-tidy serifs, classic style, and unique double-crossed W form. I went with the Semibold weight for the AlphaWolfSquadron title text.

AlphaWolfSquadron - Logotype

Usage and Examples

The flat logo lends itself well to black and white forms, which is good for potential use in print or just to mix it up:

AlphaWolfSquadron Icon - Color
AlphaWolfSquadron Icon - Black
AlphaWolfSquadron Icon - White

Combined with the text:

AlphaWolfSquadron Logo - Color
AlphaWolfSquadron Logo - Black
AlphaWolfSquadron Logo - White

Lastly, the symmetrical logo gave me an idea for a splash page. Using the brand color, I whipped up a clean, bold splash that worked well for presentations.

AlphaWolfSquadron Splash